Due to new legislation that has come into force this month, we need to carry out Allergy Alert Tests (AAT) on ALL clients wishing to have colour with us from April 12th onwards. This is regardless of when you last had a colour service either with us or at home.

We have 2 simple methods to achieve this:


  • You visit the salon at a pre-arranged time (but this cannot be before 12th April)
  • Have a consultation with your stylist(approximately 15 minutes)
  • Answer a few simple questions
  • Have an AAT using the chosen shade.
  • Sign and date the form
  • Book your appointment – minimum 48 hours later but within 5 days.
  • Contact us if you have any reaction.


Our insurance company accepts the use of a colour patch test from Colourstart.  So if you really can’t get in to see us and would like to use this method, here’s how it works:

  • Contact us to arrange for a Colourstart patch test kit to be sent to you. (£16 inc p&p*)
  • Follow the guidelines carefully (these are included in the packet)
  • As long as you don’t have a reaction, we can apply your colour 48 hours minimum after the test, but must be within 5 days.

4) You will be asked to sign a form when you come to your appointment to confirm that you have carried out the test and that you did not have a reaction. 

*These tests are £15.00 if collected from the salon.  Colourstart Patch test kits are classed as a medicine so we are not allowed to give them out free of charge.   Further information on the Colourstart Patch test can be found on their website www.colourstart.com and we strongly advise you to read this.

If you require any further information, please send me an email on info@hairatnumber4.com