Thank you all for your kind message of support and we hope you are all doing ok during these tough weeks.  I have just read that West Sussex is one of the best counties in the UK for observing the ‘stay indoors’ request, so we should all feel PROUD and POSITIVE that we are doing our best to help combat this.   However, though we are in tough and uncertain times, it’s also tough having  roots, long fringes and hair styles in need of attention.  Trust me – the whole team are with you. Diane has agreed for me to NOT colour nor cut her hair, so she is sharing the pain with you – although she has found a baseball cap! I have decided to let my hair grow until we re-open. I know I haven’t got much, but it’s how you feel that matters and I haven’t had this much hair in a long long time having missed two haircuts already.  So hang in there, we are thinking of you all and wishing everybody well.